Backpacking on a not-so-tight budget

And then I suddenly had the idea to start a blog…

Not because there’s a lack of travel blogs (quite the contrary) or because I’m such a brilliant writer or photographer (plenty of others are way better), but simply because I thought it would be nice to create a space to write down and share some of my best travel experiences, stories and pictures – both for myself and anyone else that might possibly (just possibly?) be interested.

And let’s be honest: creating your very own first website is also quite exiting. It brings out your inner digital and creative geek, although in my case in its most basic version – the website template was ready-made, the image on the front page was created with good old Windows Paint, and most other pictures on the site were taken with my phone. I did spend hours though trying to study coding (apparently it’s a piece of cake for the young kids these days, but I find it incredibly confusing; or maybe I’m just too old), as well as writing and going through my ever-growing library of travel pictures.

And so the was born. Backpacker because I LOVE discovering the world whilst backpacking. And posh because I am, well, not THAT posh, but because I like to make things easy for myself on my travels and don’t always stick to a very tight budget (even though I sometimes should). I’d be the person, for instance, who would take a quick flight instead of a 20-hour night bus, or book himself a comfortable private room instead of a bed in a noisy dorm (although I must admit I have stayed in plenty of very nice – and not-so-nice – hostel dormitories).

On this site I’ll be sharing stories of some of my most memorable trips, new travel ideas or discoveries as well as some insider tips for some of my favourite destinations. So far, there are only a few posts on the site, but the idea is that this place will eventually evolve into a personal travel catalogue full of travel memories, ideas and inspiration. Watch this space!

Happy browsing 🙂

The Posh Backpacker


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