The 10 best places to get your caffeine kick in Maastricht

Maastricht… The city of stunning squares, repurposed monasteries, delicious fruit pie and increasingly also… great coffee. Anywhere in town you can get coffee with vlaai (local pie), but a creamy latte or a lovely flat white was a bit more difficult to find, until recently. Things are changing, though, and a string of new independent café openings have put Maastricht firmly on the coffee map. In Maastricht and looking for your next dose of caffeine? The next 10 places are more than worth checking out.


Coffeelovers is an institution in Maastricht. It serves its own coffee and tea brands (Blanche Dael), which are roasted and packaged in the city. Coffeelovers has several locations throughout the city, but without a doubt the most beautiful one is the branch at Boekhandel Dominicanen, at the choir of a 13th century Dominican church. This is heaven for… Coffeelovers!

Coffeelovers Dominicanen: Dominicanerkerkstraat 1

Coffeelovers is THE place for coffee lovers

KOFFIE bij Joost & Maartje

In the heart of the cozy Jekerkwartier you’ll find KOFFIE bij Joost & Maartje. Founded by – you guessed it right – Joost & Maartje, KOFFIE is situated inside the uber cool concept store Le Marais Deux and one of the new ultimate coffee spots in town.

KOFFIE bij Joost & Maartje: Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8

Long tables, comfy chairs AND great coffee – it’s no surprise KOFFIE is a popular spot with students

Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

A bike shop that serves coffee? Following the examples of other cities, Maastricht now also has a hipster hotspot where you can buy a bike whilst sipping a lovely latte. Or, you can just skip the bike bit and simply come here for the coffee. Because one thing that’s sure: Alley Cat serves some of the best espressos and cappuccinos in town!

Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee: Hoenderstraat 15-17


Set up by 2 former students, KAFETHÉA has quickly become a favourite among locals for its brilliant coffee and tea and its lovely vegan cakes and pastries. Located in the heart of the city in the Mariastraat, this is the go-to place for vegans and non-vegans alike.

KAFETHÉA: Mariastraat 6


Can’t decide between a coffee and (hot) chocolate? DARQ might be the place for you. This newcomer brings together the best of both worlds. Set in a sleek, contemporary setting, DARQ sells and serves the greatest coffee AND chocolate. Their coffee is served with one of their own handmade chocolates – so good, you’d immediately want to buy a whole box of them (which is the whole point, of course).

DARQ: Smedenstraat 2

Van Wyck

Relatively new in Wyck – Maastricht’s rive droite neighbourhood – is Van Wyck, a corner café that not only serves wonderful coffee, but also delicious cakes and sandwiches. Inside a Bauhaus-style building, Van Wyck is small but cozy and modern – well worth a visit!

Van Wyck: Wyckerbrugstraat 28

Van Wyck is a perfect spot for coffee or brunch

Livin’ Room

The clue of Livin’ Room is in the name: go here and you’ll feel like you’re at home. The second-hand furniture and the intimate patio garden all add to the charm of this cute little place. The perfect spot to escape the crowds and sit down with a coffee.

Livin’ Room: Heggenstraat 7

De Brandweerkantine

A fire station turned café and restaurant? Maastricht has it. Right at the border where the historic city centre and the industrial Sphinx Quarter meet you’ll find De Brandweerkantine (Dutch for: the Fire Brigade Cantine). It’s a brilliant place for a coffee (and brunch). If you’re lucky and the sun is out, they open the old garage doors so you can sit outside!

De Brandweerkantine: Capucijnenstraat 21

Retro vibes: De Brandweerkantine is located inside a former fire station in Maastricht’s creative Sphinxkwartier

Bandito Espresso

For those of you who are in Maastricht on a weekday here’s an extra secret little tip: go and get your caffeine kick at Bandito Espresso. This independent café is hidden in the garden between the historic buildings of the university’s arts and social sciences faculty, and is only open during the week. There’s no direct street access to the café and you have to enter the faculty premises to get there, but that’s all part of the fun! Once you’ve found your way, you’ll not just be rewarded with great coffee, but also with some lovely garden views.

Bandito Espresso: Grote Gracht 90-92


Finally, for those that are after a fragrant tea, there’s Teazone. Just off the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, Teazone sells and serves an almost seemingly endless variety of teas. What’s more, they have a little hidden roof terrace where you can enjoy your cuppa. What more could you wish for!

Teazone: Koestraat 9

Local coffee and tea roaster Blanche Dael

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